Monday, August 25, 2014

What, When, Where? That, Then, There?

Did you know if you replace the "w's" in what, when, and where with Ts, you get the answer to all three questions?

This fascinating tidbit came from my daughter's friend Sean, a lover of intelligent wordplay, like me.

And so I decided to turn this fun fact into a short piece of writing--something you, too, could do! Here's mine, below. Feel free to leave yours in the comments section!

     "What?" she asked, following his eyes to their target, a bat-like creature hanging from the curtains.
     "That," he answered, shuddering. "I didn't know it had reappeared."
     "When?" she asked. "During the night?"
     "Then. Yes." He nodded. "We have to shoo it out of here."
     "Where?" she asked.
     "There!" he answered, pointing to the chimney and handing her a broom.