Wednesday, January 20, 2016

When I Cannot Refer to a Student as an "Aspiring" Writer Anymore

     An eleven-year-old student looked up at me during a lesson, after his pen came to a screeching halt (well, in my mind anyway), signifying the pause of his creative flow. His eyes refocused, as if he were awakening from a great dream, and he slowly grinned as he declared, "I just noticed that my character is becoming a very paranoid person. Hmm..." He tapped his pen thoughtfully against his notepad.

     As he was nodding, looking away from me again, back to his paper, I noticed something equally surprising: this aspiring writer had just transformed before my eyes into a real writer, for his character had taken on a life of his own! I expect to be tweeting about his books someday. He is now the conductor of his own train, and I'm just the guiding voice on the overhead speakers, calling out the stops along his way.