Thursday, March 26, 2009

Psychic Teacher?

One of my Monday class students arrived earlier than his classmates, so we sat down at my teaching table together, and I asked, "So...What's new?" He paused, and I quickly added facetiously, "And don't say 'babies' or 'butterflies about to hatch'!"

His already big, brown eyes widened and he grinned, speechless. I thought he was trying to understand my joke, but then he blurted, "Oh my gosh! I was about to tell you that my teacher just had a baby and we did a butterfly project in school today!"

"Are you teasing me?" I asked, laughing.

"No, Mrs. Lipson!" He joined me in laughter.

"Haha, maybe I'm a psychic teacher! I predict that you'll write something wonderful today!"

We exchanged smiles as the other students arrived. I still don't know what possessed me to answer him that way before he could even answer me!