Monday, January 6, 2020

Apology to Readers Who Have Left Comments and Received No Reply from Me

Dear Readers,

It's 2020--the year of clarity (my vision-related joke for the New Year). I only today discovered, because a treasured former student wrote me a letter, that I have received numerous comments over the past months (and years) and never knew of them! I'd figured that no one bothered to leave comments. The truth, I now see, is that I ineptly set up this blog site and didn't enable the settings to notify me about comments awaiting moderation. I have just remedied this issue, and want to thank all of you whose comments elicited no replies from me. Please know that I have indeed read them today and appreciate your taking the time to praise and encourage my students, and to express your admiration for my lessons and your desire to share them with others.

Please keep reading and commenting. I will reply now, and pass on your praise to my dear students!

As always, inspiring awe for words and awesome writing,

Susan L. Lipson

P.S. Check out my other blog, too, if you haven't: see the link to the right of this post...

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